Preschool Groups

For beginners between age 3 and 5 with no prior instruction. Learn more about Toddler Group lessons.


Where two students share a 30-minute lesson slot. Learn more about Semi-Private lessons.

Individual Lessons

15-Minute Lessons

For young students for whom 30 minutes is too long.

30-Minute Lessons

A standard lesson length.

45-Minute Lessons

For more advanced students.

Learn more about Individual lessons.

Repertory Lessons

Required group lessons for all ages and levels. Learn more about Repertory lessons.



Students have the opportunity to participate in our popular and highly successful Mentoring Program.


All the teachers involved in the Team-Teaching program work as a team to ensure that the students’ needs can be met.


Ear Training and Basic Music Theory classes are offered as optional supplementary classes.

Learn more about these Supplemental opportunities.

Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar instruction for children age 4 up through high school is being offered starting in September, 2015.

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