Repertory Classes

The repertory classes are an essential and integral part of Sue’s teaching approach.
In addition to their weekly lessons, the children meet in regular intervals, generally twice a month, to practice their repertory (which is a fancy word for “pieces”) as a group.

In the beginner repertory classes, much of the focus is on reinforcing the basics of stance/posture, as well as technique and developing listening skills. Much of this is accomplished through games, and the young students generally enjoy the group activities. Children in the beginner repertory classes are assisted by the parent who attends their weekly lesson and who practices with them at home.

As the children master more skills and pieces, they progress gradually into the more advanced repertory classes. Many of our repertory pieces are works for multiple violins, the playing of which requires advanced techniques and listening skills.

The repertory pieces that are studied throughout the school year are the ones that are presented in an annual spring concert, involving all students from beginners up through the most advanced players.

The repertory classes take place on Saturday mornings in the studio.

Students on their backs playing violin.

A Repertory class

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