Mentoring Program

Students have the opportunity to participate in our popular and highly successful Mentoring Program.

Older students wishing to mentor younger students participate in training sessions, qualifying them to help the younger students practice for their lessons. The mentors do not teach any new materials but help reinforce lesson assignments and note-reading skills. In the process, the mentoring students gain confidence, practice organizational skills, and reinforce their own musical and technical skills on the violin. In addition, they earn some pocket money!
The younger students at the receiving end benefit greatly from the tutelage, and they enjoy the personal attention they receive from the older students. The parents of the younger students generally truly appreciate having the extra practice help for their children.


All the teachers involved in the program work as a team to ensure that the students’ needs can be met.

Some children need extra help with materials that cannot all be covered in the regular lesson. If working with a student mentor is not suitable, or if it is an advanced student needing some additional time, supplementing regular lessons with either occasional or regular sessions with one of the associate teachers may be an option. Our teachers have had great success working patiently and extensively with some of our students who need the extra help and who enjoy the professional touch that a student mentor might not (yet) be ready to give. Whether it be additional practice with repertory, orchestra music, audition preparation, or note-reading, our teachers are eager to help. Some of our student mentors themselves seek help from the associate teachers to help prepare for special events.

Since our teachers collaborate on repertory and approach, we will sometimes substitute teach for each other when emergency situations arise, rather than cancel lessons.

Ear-Training and Theory

Ear Training and Basic Music Theory classes are offered as optional supplementary classes on alternate Saturday afternoons. These are suitable for both violin and guitar students with the recommendation of their teacher.

Student mentor and younger studentStudent mentor and younger student

A student mentor helps a younger student get ready to play.


A student mentor (right) helps at a toddler repertory class.

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