Preschool Groups

Beginners between age 3 and 5 with no prior instruction may be admitted into the class under the condition that the PARENT be committed to attending all the scheduled lessons as well as maintaining the motivation to practice with their child every day at home. The children have lessons with up to 4 other children in the same age group and playing level. In addition to the weekly lesson, the students participate in Saturday morning repertory classes, which take place 7 – 8 times a semester.

Parents do not need to have any prior musical training themselves. In the lessons, they will be shown everything they will need to know and do when they practice with their children at home.

In the beginning stages, no note reading is taught until basic position and technique are established. Readiness for beginning note reading varies from child to child, but by the time the student starts school, note reading will have generally been introduced.

Once the group can no longer stay together, either due to the children starting school, change in parents’ work schedules, inconsistency in home practice within the group, etc., the children may have to be reassigned to a different group, semi-private lessons, or individual lessons with an associate teacher. Growing out of the groups is a natural process for children about ready to start school.

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