Teacher Opportunities

The Sue Mann Violin Studio offers opportunities for prospective new teachers to become involved in a professionally satisfying, friendly, high caliber and popular teaching program.

The most important quality we look for is a passion for teaching, along with commitment, reliability, integrity and kindness.

Training will consist of:

  • sitting in on and observing weekly lessons and Saturday repertory classes, and
  • attending training sessions where we go through some basics of teaching techniques, based on what I learned from Betty Haag.

You must be willing to embrace whole-heartedly our approach and style. Familiarity with various methodologies such as Suzuki, Rolland, European conservatory-style, would be helpful but not a requirement.

When we both feel you are ready, I might ask you to:
  • substitute teach for me on a few occasions,
  • give some supplementary lessons to currently enrolled students,
  • and/or do some observed practice teaching with current students.
Once you are ready to take on students of your own in the program, you should be:
  • able to commit to regular hours at least once a week throughout the school year, without interference from outside commitments such as orchestra rehearsals.
  • able to attend Saturday morning repertory classes, helping evaluate your participating students, and be open to suggestions and feedback
  • willing to collaborate and possibly compromise in terms of interpretation of repertory. All repertory pieces must be taught, practiced and performed with uniform attention to detail.
  • able to attend staff meetings on a regular basis, for example possibly once a month after repertory classes.
  • prepared for awesome students and student families, respectable pay, loads of fun with the kids and our activities, and some great teamwork.
Please contact the studio if you are interested!

(p.s. We hope you are not allergic to cats!)

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